My Inner Woman has PMS, My Inner Child is Teething, and My Inner Voice Has Laryngitis

plus a million other things that give me a headache.

Dis is My Dis-Claimer November 14, 2009

My respected colleague @JenX67 on her marvellous blog ‘Are You There God it’s Me Generation-X’ has a disclaimer, which I noticed the other day when admiring the utter superiority of her blog.  (This is a def. #FF lady, folks!)

It appears that some of *people* (not you) might go all crazy and sue and stuff, and considering how much non-sense I spill here you might get ideas.  Don’t.

Firstly, Read up About-Me.  I don’t exist.  I am a figment of an imagination.  So who u gonna sue?  Don’t get Clever.  The author is broke.  So leave the poor woman alone, she’s had enough agita for two lifetimes.

That said, I should add, I ain’t sellin’ nothin’.  If I seem to be sellin’ something, check your meds.  Also, I mean well.  That should count for something.  Also. I’ll plead insanity and they will believe me.  (What? That doesn’t work in Civil Court – shut up Lawyery Person!)

Lastly, if you give me grief, instant Karma will get you good.

Any connections links and references made in this blog to any organizations are intentionally done to credit the origin of the source and I receive ABSOLUTELY NO COMPENSATION WHATSOEVER FOR ANY OF THIS.  (If I ever get the book deal, I’ll let you know but I’m not waiting up for it, OK?)

I have one link for raising money for Charity because I believe we should give every Penny we can spare to help those who haven’t got a dime, and I receive no compensation for that other than warm glow inside which is plenty I’ll tell you!  So sue me for glowing! (At least I don’t Glimmer).

Lastly.  I will express confusing political views.  Is she Conservative? Is she a Liberal? Is she an Anarchyst? Is she Jewish? Is she Catholic? Is she an Agnes-tic?

I am a Penny.  A worthless little Penny that you toss into a jar.  A Penny that you give and take off the Penny Dish, for free, for goodwill.  A Penny which no one knows why they still have it around, but it’s cool ’cause Lincoln is on it!

My politics consist of this:  I want to see Douglas Adams in charge of the UN. I want to vote for whatever party will put Thoreau in office next election.  Or Lincoln.  Or Roosevelt (Especially Eleanor). Or Truman (poor man).  Or Patton. Or Johnson (poor man, again). So go figure that one out!

My moral compass is skewed towards the North at all times.  To the skies!  To the Heavens!  Gene Roddenberry would also get my vote, and Carl Sagan, and Frank Kapra, and Jimmy Stewart (oh, Jimmy you broke my heart–next life we’ll get our timing right.) [Don’t tell Hubby.]

I believe in God.  God believes in Me.  And we both believe in YOU!

I am just a humble, rusty, copper Penny.  But always remember: when you see a Penny pick-it-up and all the day you’ll have good luck! Give it to a friend that’s True and Lots more Luck will come to you!

— Spread the Love! — Penny


…oh & I ADOOOORRRRRE MEN!  But only the good ones.

on that note, More wisdom from Penny’s Patron Philosopher: A hard man is good to find. – Dame Mae West

Someone get me a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court and I’ll vote for him too!


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