My Inner Woman has PMS, My Inner Child is Teething, and My Inner Voice Has Laryngitis

plus a million other things that give me a headache.

Attention Grammar Police! — No Tikkie Please November 14, 2009

This blog is bound to contain occasional massively glaring Grammar and Capitalization dysfunction.  This is often intentional.  It is mostly stylistic.  This is intended to be a stream-of-unconsciousness blog. (See how I just created a new genre – how clever of me!) What I choose to make lower-case and upper-case has special double-entendre emphasis.  (Don’t fight it – Have fun figuring out.)

Anywho- I am human and I make mistakes.  I will appreciate comments that appear to be gross typoes from friends but h8trs can walk! ;-D   If I wanted to be really mean, I’d do this entire blog in LOLSpeak – it might even get more hits!

Besides, I’m not really bothered if I miss a comma or two (only if I miss a period.)  If you see a semicolon out of place, please let me know–I’ll seek medical care.

Spread the Love! – Penny (Kiss, Kiss)

P.S.  Sister Mary Claire of the Suffering Virgins you stay away from me with that ruler!!!!!


One Response to “Attention Grammar Police! — No Tikkie Please”

  1. Love this post. Thanks for reminding everyone that bloggers are human and bound to make mistakes. 🙂

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