My Inner Woman has PMS, My Inner Child is Teething, and My Inner Voice Has Laryngitis

plus a million other things that give me a headache.

About Penny October 18, 2009

Penny is living in Limbo near the Interstate.  She just got on the Information Superhighway entirely by accident, and she apologizes for any faux pas, as she gets her bearings.  She’s a quick learner, so these should not endure.

Her turn ons are lights, computers and tv’s — literally.  She doesn’t turn on the stove anymore, and barely manages to open the fridge.  Her hubby likes to drive her around (he is SUCH a gentleman) so she doesn’t turn on an engine anymore.  But that is just as well because the state she’s in, who wants her behind the wheel…if you know what I mean?  Her turn offs happened a couple of months ago when she got off the career fast track and ended up in the deep woods.

Penny is the figment of a wild imagination and the author is entirely to blame for anything that she says which may be construed as offensive, stupid, or non-sensical.  Which, let’s face it, is most of it.  The author would like to clarify that she herself is the product of a questionable and possibly disturbed imagination, and offers that as her sole Apologia.


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